Holiday Updates!

Quimper Arts Holiday Party!!!
December 18th at 6pm!!!
At Elizabeth’s house (our President) – 1123 Van Ness Street, Port Townsend
The party is a Pot Luck and Gift Exchange!
Models are invited and spouses too!

Drink and Draw.
We are suspending Drink N’ Draw beginning now with the possibility of resuming it in the spring. Thanks for your support in this endeavor, we had a great time and drank some great beers!


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Jefferson Co. Fair Fine Arts Superintendent Needed Immediately!

Quimper Arts needs to replace Marc Perritt, the no longer functioning Superintendent of Fine Art and Photography for the Jefferson Co. Fair.
The position is available immediately. The position functions as the liason between Quiper Arts and the County Fair.

• Jefferson
County Fair – “AHOY THERE PIRATES!” is theme of next year’s fair. Position is to be in charge of Fine Art and Photography activities at the County Fair. Facilitate rules and reg. for entries.
Organize prizes and ribbons, People’s Choice awards, sponsored awards and followup. Solicit community sponsors.
Fair Board – attend meetings once a month.
Help County Fair Board with the following:
• Holiday Fair
• Spring Expo
• Garage Sale in spring.
Responsibilities could be delegated.

The position could be split, but we need someone to come forward to take this position. It is important to the future of Quimper Arts. We have use of the Arts building and pay a very reasonable rent because of this position.


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Two Day Perspective Workshop By Susan Spar

Two Day Perspective Workshop
Where: The Cutting Garden
When: October 23rd/24th
Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM with one hour lunch
Cost: $60

Susan Spar and Courtney Estevenin, both former students of Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, are offering a two day workshop on Perspective. Originally limited to Susan Spar’s students, Susan has opened it up to five additional students. There are two spaces still available for this great opportunity at a very good price of $60 for two days. If you are interested in participating, please contact Susan at 360-457-6994 or email her at no later than Friday, October 18th. These spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis and the workshop will be closed once the spots are filled. A $30 deposit is requested to hold your space.

The workshop is tailored to perspective as an artist would utilize it:

Explanation and practicum (how to) of the terms “vanishing point”, “eye level”, “horizon line”, “picture plane”, one-point, two-point and three-point perspective. Presentations will also include a short history of the concept of perspective and its use in composition using visual aids. Drawing ellipses in perspective and plotting a cast shadow will also be covered. This is practicum as well as discussion so students actually learn how to use and incorporate these tools.

Morning sessions will consist of presentation and discussion and limited practicum with afternoons devoted to break outs where students can work together in small groups on various problems of their choice while the instructors come around to offer suggestions and direction.

Lots of illustrations and practical hands on of these concepts.

Susan Martin Spar

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Quimper Arts Membership Updates

Hello Quimper Artists,

It’s the beginning of yet a new membership year and it’s a good time to remind ourselves of some things to keep in mind when we attend the life drawing sessions. We are an easy going group and as such we balk at the idea of “policies”, but the following are things we should keep in mind as a courtesy to other artists and to the models:

Please use ONLY odorless solvents for painting and brush cleaning. This means no turpentine and no high aromatic solvents. Gamsol and Daniel Smith’s DS Sol are good choices.

Please keep cologne, perfume and other personal fragrances out of the studio.

Being on time when you can is best, but when you find you ARE running late, enter quietly and with as little disruption as possible.

Cell phones should be on vibrate or low volume ring.

Thanks and happy drawing from the Quimper Arts Board.

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Quimper Arts Updates – Sept. 2013

1) Quimper Wednesday drawing sessions resume again this Wednesday, September 4th. We resume our same times for the morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

2) It’s QUIMPER ARTS MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL TIME!!! Bring your checkbook, cash or your first-born, because it’s time to replenish the Quimper coffers!

3) Our Drink N’ Draw sessions are back down to once a month, the last Sunday of the month. Our next D N’ D will be Sept. 29th. The August weekly sessions saw some new models and some familiar faces. All the models were great and we’re looking forward to the continued fun and success of Drink N’ Draw!

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Jefferson County Fair Volunteer Sign-ups Reminder

A quick reminder that the Jefferson County Fair is coming up soon, and we need to help out with the setting up, taking in of the entries, volunteering time to be a monitor the Arts building, etc. We have all been through this drill before, so it’s that time of year again. It is our written responsibility to help with the County Fair, which is why we get the opportunity to use the Arts Building at such a reasonable cost. So please don’t forget to sign up on the volunteer sheets that are up on the bulletin board. It all benefits us, in both the short and the long run, and benefits the community, generates good will, and you will feel that you are contributing to the welfare of Quimper Arts! Thank you!

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4th Drink N’ Draw on July 28th – New Dates for August’s D N’ D

JULY DRINK N’ DRAW: Our fourth Drink N’ Draw (tho some like to call it “DUI – Drawing Under the Influence”) will happen on July 28th, the last Sunday of this month. We will have some changes happening over the summer sessions – because it stays lighter later (try saying that after D N’ D), we will be drawing outside, taking advantage of the great weather and extra light. We will be drawing in the courtyard of the Pourhouse, with our model up on the stage. This change should be great, providing us with more space, and as mentioned before, more light to draw by. Of course if the weather doesn’t cooperate, then we move back inside. C’est la vie!

AUGUST DRINK N’ DRAW: The other item regarding Drink N’ Draw is that for the month of AUGUST, we will be drawing EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT IN AUGUST, same time – 7 to 9 pm, at the Pourhouse. We are doing this because of the Jefferson County Fair that occurs in  August and the Fairgrounds are closed to Quimper Arts for that month. So there’s no reason to stop drawing simply because we can’t draw at our usual place, now we have a weekly venue for August – The POURHOUSE!!! See you there!

The model is paid by our donations for the evening and there is a designated receptacle for you to contribute ($5 is the recommended amount). Thank you!






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